Why Wheatgrass?

It's Nature's Finest Medicine

How it Works | Why Wheatgrass

How it Works

Wheatgrass contains a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. In addition, it is packed with chlorophyll, enzymes and dozens of trace elements.

Years ago, Dr. Hans Fischer and his group of associates won a Nobel Prize for their research on red blood cells. They discovered that hemoglobin (red-blood cells) in human blood possesses a highly similar chemical structure compared to chlorophyll, hemoglobin has iron as its central core, while chlorophyll has magnesium in the centre of its molecule. Due to this significant similarity, chlorophyll can actually convert into hemoglobin quickly after ingestion into the body system. If chlorophyll increases hemoglobin production, this means more oxygen can be circulated within the body (hemoglobin carries oxygen).

Wheatgrass juice is one of the most alkaline food available. It contains life force, therefore it is a high-quality source of fuel. Besides that, it is highly assimilable and requires little energy to digest.

Below are more of the benefits of wheatgrass:

Addresses nutritional deficiencies
Purifies blood
Rejuvenates aging cells
Detoxifies the liver
Cleanses the colon
Boosts the immune system
Tangible energy boost
Increase resistance to infections, thus experiencing less colds
Powerful supplemental food in treatment of cancer as promoted by Dr. Ann Wigmore

Enzymes are an important active ingredient in wheatgrass juice. They are the life energy of our foods and are required to carry out many important biological and chemical functions within the body. Enzymes also play a major role in breaking down fats stored in the body and assist greatly in weight loss. Some of these enzymes are as follows:
Protease - assists in protein digestion
Cytochrome Oxidase - an antioxidant for proper cell respiration
Amylase - facilitates starch digestion
Lipase - a fat splitting enzyme
Transhydrogenase - keeps heart muscle tissue toned
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) - found in all body cells and is known for its ability to reduce the effects of radiation, prevent cellular damage and as an anti-inflammatory.
Catalase - activates the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen in the blood and body tissues.

Source: Ann Wigmore - The Wheatgrass Book

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