Wheatgrass earned its reputation from people with terminal illnesses who took it at the eleventh hour after conventional medicine left them with no hope. In the 1970s Dr. Ann Wigmore opened the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, nourishing terminally ill patients back to health with fresh squeezed wheatgrass. (See her story below)

Dr. Charles F. Schnabel (1895-1974) chemist and agriculturalist, knew from his work with his farm animals and his research in the laboratory that wheatgrass boosts nutrition, builds good blood and strengthens immunity. More recently, there are many studies demonstrating the efficiency and nutrition of grass foods, using both clinical evidence and testimonials.

In the US there are numerous healing centres where wheatgrass plays a key role in the diet. There are courses ran in the UK by proponents of wheatgrass and raw, living foods. Wheatgrass has long been used like a herbal medicine - for its therapeutic and nutritional properties. Although wheat is the most popular, barley, oats and rye are equally potent.

DR. ANN WIGMORE - Poor health led Dr. Ann Wigmore to discover the value of raw foods for herself. Twenty-six years ago she established the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston (USA). The oldest wholistic health clinic in America, it takes 25 people at a time on two-week courses to teach them how to be their own doctor and there's a waiting list.

"Man is the only animal", says Dr. Ann in her categorical way, "who cooks his food. Primitive people still eat their food mainly raw, and if you watch any animal who is ill or in pain, it will go straight for to what is living and growing grass."

It took years of patient trials on herself, when she was ailing from ills like arthritis and colitis, to establish just which was the best grass. Wheat won the approval first from 2 animals, a kitten and a cocker spaniel, who ran to it in preference to the others.

Dr. Ann Wigmore trusted their intuition. She juiced the grass, which she'd grown herself, and "my shattered health experienced a miraculous recovery. Whereas before I was unable to work more than a few hours a day because of exhaustion and nervousness, the wheatgrass seemed to bring new alertness and energy into my body. No task seemed to be too difficult and work became a pleasure instead of a chore."

"Friends agreed to try it. Without exception, they all experienced more alertness, freedom from pain, peaceful sleep and longer working hours spent undisturbed by tired muscles or drowsiness."

Most of the people who have followed in Dr. Ann's footsteps and taken the sprout and juice "cure" (the Hippocates Diet programme is its official title) have been as ill as she was. People come from all over the world to stay two weeks at the institute, some having been "given up" by medical science.

Dr. Ann Wigmore went further than any naturopath, vegetarian or raw food addict. Cell toxemia, due to nutritional deficiency, she believes, is the only disease in western man. All our degenerative illnesses are the result of this process. Warnings such as fever, swellings and frequent colds are usually suppressed until more serious complications arise.

Basic deficiencies, says Dr. Ann, come from cooked food and from the chemicals that we pile into our system. So how do wheatgrass sprouts alleviate this situation? At the Hippocrates they assert that it's a question of life force. The sprouts are, says Dr. Ann, "a tremendous source of life-giving enzymes."

One cancer patient came to the Hippocrates Health Institute for just a day to learn how to grow the sprouts for himself. He went away and followed everything they taught him and his cancer disappeared. For Dr. Ann Wigmore the supreme value of eating living foods destroys all other arguments. "It reduces food costs, cooking time and sleep time. Your mental condition improves, you have more energy and it prevents physical problems. You can be completely self-sufficient in food. It's a survival programme, "she stresses.

For detailed information on the power of wheatgrass, we highly recommend the Wheatgrass Book by Ann Wigmore:

Source: Ann Wigmore - The Wheatgrass Book